How we deal with complaints

Providing good service is important to us. If we don’t get it right for you, please tell us soon so we can put it right and make improvements.

We will:
  • Make it easy for you to tell us about a complaint.
  • Consider your suggestions about how we could put things right
  • Do our best to make sure you’re satisfied with how we handle your complaint

Resolving your complaint

When we receive your complaint we will contact you to let you know:
  • Who is dealing with your complaint
  • When we expect to resolve it – if we can’t resolve it in that time, we will update you

If your complaint is particularly complex, it may take longer for us to reach an agreement with you. Once your complaint has been investigated, we will issue a final response. If we haven’t done this within 15 days, we will write to you to explain why, and indicate when you can expect a final response.

Canadian Merchants

If you are a Canadian merchant and believe that our conduct or the conduct of any affiliated service provider is contrary to the Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry, you may report the matter to us via the following channels:

  • By completing the Canadian Merchants Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry Concern/Issue Form here
  • By calling the Worldpay toll-free number: 800.548.5326, Option #3
  • By emailing opscomplaintsmanagement@fisglobal.com

To assist us in reviewing your issue, please provide the following, where applicable:

  • A summary of your concerns
  • Any details, such as the name(s) of any individuals involved in the issue and/or of any other persons with knowledge of the issue
  • The date of the incident or on which the matter began
  • Copies of any supporting documentation (i.e., agreements, statements, correspondence)

Upon receipt of your issue, we will investigate the matter and aim to provide you with a written response within 30 days. This response will either provide the disposition or resolution of the issue or will indicate that additional time is needed to investigate your issue. If additional time is required, Worldpay will provide you with a written response regarding the disposition or resolution of the matter within a maximum of 90 days.

After our receipt of your concern/issue, if you believe that the disposition or resolution is either inconsistent with the Code or feel your issue has not been adequately addressed, you may report the issue to Peoples Trust by:

Please visit the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada's website for more information on merchant rights under the Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Industry in Canada.