Client Story

Magento Integration Provides Lift

Powering Payments for Epipoli Group

Milan-based Epipoli Group is a prepaid services leader specializing in gift cards, offering tailor-made solutions for loyalty and customer engagement marketing for corporations and small-to-medium enterprises. The company has 250 partners with a network of more than 50,000 stores, including 5,000 large retailers. Epipoli Group’s omnichannel marketplace is an advanced solution for retailers, banks and service providers, and represents the connection between the digital world and the physical retail outlet.

The company operates through two proprietary platforms: MyGiftCard, for the prepaid channel, and HighWays, for the engagement channel. During development, Epipoli Group encountered a challenge that couldn’t be solved by its incumbent payments provider. While everything else was ready to launch, they had no gateway to manage payment transactions. So, the company turned to Worldpay from FIS®.

At a Glance

Build a gift card store where consumers can purchase cards for mobile use directly using their Samsung Pay wallets.
After choosing Worldpay from FIS, setup was easy. Epipoli Group coordinated the front-end experience for the end user, while Worldpay managed the Magento module. Through its relationship with Samsung Pay, Worldpay was able to develop and add this feature to the existing Magento plug-in, creating the missing bridge needed to communicate with Samsung Pay and enabling the management of payment transactions.


Integrating Worldpay’s Adobe Magento 2 plug-in streamlined Epipoli’s Samsung Pay project and provided a secure and simple payment management solution. The global presence and expertise of Worldpay has empowered Epipoli Group to expand internationally.

Increased efficiency and ease for transactions and authorizations

Expanded international coverage

Worldpay’s global presence and expertise will allow us international coverage.”
− Pina Panunzio, marketing and partnership director, Epipoli Group
All-in-all, the integration between Worldpay and Magento has been brilliant.”
− Pina Panunzio, marketing and partnership director, Epipoli Group