The payments optimization solution that ensures precision debit routing to keep costs low

It takes a certain caliber of payments partner – agile, consultative and expert in debit processing and data science – to provide reliable payments advice and help you save on debit routing. Worldpay presents Prime, a data-driven debit routing service that offers you a strategic advantage.

This advanced solution combines intelligence from very high debit transaction volume with the flexibility to meet each merchant’s unique need for the lowest possible cost of acceptance. Our debit optimization capabilities minimize your processing costs by allowing PIN debit transactions to convert to a least-cost signature debit network.

A customized and optimized offering

Rely on a customized routing algorithm combined with sophisticated strategies to manage network volume requirements.

Precision debit routing

Reduce total cost of acceptance for PIN transactions by considering and optimizing for all available payment types.

Effective debit optimization

Further optimize cost of acceptance with a solution that allows PIN debit transactions to also consider credit networks.

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Less friction, more payments

With consequences for accepting bad transactions or declining good ones, these three tips can help you manage the payment experience.

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