Cross border payments with financial data exchange and currency conversion that’s fast, reliable and automatic

For expanding global businesses, offering customers familiar payment options is critical, and that takes local knowledge. But using a patchwork of local providers can mean higher costs and poor customer experiences.

Worldpay offers all the advantages that come with being the No. 1 global acquirer. We process over 40 billion transactions and $1.7 trillion of payment volume annually. When you’re looking to expand into new markets, Worldpay is there with international payment processing to help smooth the journey.

Fast settlement

Our robust suite of secure processing solutions ensure that payments funds are settled quickly.

Flexible currency conversion

Currency conversion is automatic in 146 countries and more than 120 accepted currencies.

Global acquiring

Our vast international experience makes accepting payments across borders easy.

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Insights for international payment processing

Go global, feel local

With offices around the world and 40 years of experience, we bring our local knowledge to your commerce needs, all under one roof.

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Whether you require assistance with check printing and delivery or with executing electronic payments including ACH, international ACH and wires.

Centralize and standardize your global payments processes to lower costs, improve controls, gain cash visibility and reduce fraud risk.

FIS® Enterprise Risk Suite (formerly Adaptiv) provides an advanced risk simulation and risk engine for market and credit risk, and fast, accurate XVA, SIMM risk calculations.