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Rooks Plant Shop Uses Commerce360 with GoDaddy Commerce Solutions to Grow Efficiently

Offering a sizable selection of small-to-large indoor plants, planters and gifts, Rooks Plant Shop provides customers in Beaver, Pennsylvania, and the Greater Pittsburgh area with a one-stop shopping experience for all things houseplants.

After transforming an old shoe store into a plant shop in less than a month, the hard-working team at Rooks has quickly earned high praise from its growing clientele for the quality and breadth of their offerings and their attention to customer service.

Regarding what he was seeking from a payments system and provider, Ryan Hanne, owner of Rooks, says he needed something that could handle all types of payments – point-of-sale, mobile, and e-commerce – and would allow customers to make payments quick and easy, along with making deposits available to the business the next day.


To help manage his operation, Ryan uses Commerce360 – an all-in-one omnicommerce solution that allows small businesses to accept payments in any channel.

Developed in partnership between GoDaddy and Worldpay, Commerce360 combines the powerful and easy-to-use business tools of GoDaddy with the people-centric, consultative payments expertise and solutions provided by Worldpay.

“My specialty is plants, not payments,” says Ryan. “Having somebody at Worldpay who I can speak with face-to-face if I have any questions or issues is very valuable and extremely comforting – especially for a newer business.”

Making omnicommerce easy

Commerce360 helps make payments simple and provides small businesses with a straightforward portal to manage their website, inventory and marketing efforts.

A custom website integrates with GoDaddy’s smart point-of-sale options and allows shops to accept payments across channels – in-store, online or on-the-go – with flexible payment options like digital ordering, touchless payments, mobile wallets and buy online/pick up in-store, among others.

The efficient implementation of Commerce360 also allows merchants who use it to be operational quickly.

Setup is a breeze

According to Ryan, “Our setup was fast and trouble-free. In preparation, our Worldpay rep proactively told us what to expect and when, and she also provided much appreciated guidance regarding what to do once everything arrived.”

Personal Worldpay touch lauded

As he reflects on his business journey so far, Ryan is impressed with Worldpay’s personal touch.

“Our Worldpay account manager has been fantastic. I have someone to ask for advice whenever I need it,” he says. “Not only was she physically in my shop before I set everything up, but she has come in to check on me multiple times since to answer questions and see how everything has been running. I feel confident and fully equipped to move my business to the next level with Worldpay and her help.”

NOTE: Commerce360 is only available in the U.S.

Next steps

As your trusted payments partner, Worldpay is on a mission to fuel smarter commerce. Click here to learn how Worldpay can help you take, make and manage payments more effectively.

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Find a payments partner that provides an easy-to-use and cost-effective omnichannel solution, along with a responsive primary point of contact.
Fast and affordable payments system supported by a dedicated advocate


Rooks Plant Shop has an efficient payments and business solution, enjoys fast transaction speeds and has a path to future growth.

Efficient payments solution

Fast transaction speeds

Our Worldpay account manager has been fantastic.”
−Ryan Hanne, Owner, Rooks Plant Shop
Having somebody at Worldpay who I can speak with face-to-face if I have any questions or issues is very valuable and extremely comforting – especially for a newer business.”
−Ryan Hanne, Owner, Rooks Plant Shop
Our setup was fast and trouble-free.”
−Ryan Hanne, Owner, Rooks Plant Shop