Case Study

International entertainment gaming company gains VIP payments experience with Worldpay

A better payments experience gives Betcris a winning edge


Where there’s sports and entertainment betting, there’s Betcris. Started in 2006, Betcris has pioneered the online industry. Serving customers around the globe and in 100 walk-in shops throughout Latin America, Betcris strives to provide secure, convenient and world-class experiences.

Taking payments farther

As a worldwide sports and entertainment betting company, Betcris needed a global payments leader to help facilitate a diversity of payment acceptance and transactions.

“At launch, we had an acceptance rate of 30 percent, which is very low,” says Carlos Soto, head of Betcris Payment Solutions. “We started working with the Worldpay team on how we could optimize. Now we have acceptance rates between 70 and 80 percent, and in some countries, it’s higher.”

A safer bet

Security is critical to online betting. With Worldpay, Betcris gained a helpful partner. More than guarding sensitive transaction records and customer information with leading payments solutions, Worldpay offers global expertise that provided a natural resource for international payments securities and regulations.

Growing into the future

Betcris continues to find opportunities for growth with help from Worldpay as more of the world becomes accessible to online sports and entertainment betting.

“I hope we continue for many more years and keep growing in more markets,” Carlos says.

Making a world of difference

To find out how Worldpay can help support and grow your cross-border commerce, please contact us today.

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