Fintech Insights

5 keys to payments excellence

Chris Gaseltine | SVP Delivery – Worldpay

May 14, 2020

A streamlined customer experience is key in helping secure loyalty, referrals and recurring revenue. Payment is the final step in the customer journey and because so many elements are involved in this touchpoint, it’s important to have the right tools, resources and guidance.

You get all of that with Access Worldpay, a next generation suite of APIs providing easier access to current and future payment capabilities, offered by Worldpay. Our APIs are designed for developers and merchants to rapidly add payment processing enhancements and features and access a high level of service throughout the process.

Access Worldpay helps our developer and merchant partners get the best in payments by providing the following five things:

  1. Reliability. Anything that disrupts a payment transaction disrupts a merchant’s access to their money. Access Worldpay represents a step forward in reliability due to the microservices architecture that allows isolation of small systems, as well as the way in which we work with developers. Every change we make is subject to an obsessive focus on quality and automated validation to ensure system reliability.
  2. Greater reach. Providing different ways for customers to pay around the world is important in our increasingly borderless economy. Companies with global audiences need to be able to offer similar propositions to different audiences so they can fulfil orders and operate in standard ways. Access Worldpay provides global reach, while simplifying and harmonizing interactions with merchants and customers.
  3. Adaptability. Businesses today must be able to adapt to changes in payment regulations, requirements and customer preferences. The teams, architecture and technology that comprise Access Worldpay are designed to give merchants the tools they need to face change efficiently and effectively. Our suite of APIs represents a small part of the whole set, which lends itself to a more agile environment. Each API has the same style, standard, look and feel – and they inter-operate. This makes it easier for merchants to get up and running and to make changes as needed.
  4. A path to greater revenue and growth. As the world’s largest payments provider, Worldpay holds the largest payment data sets in the industry. We use this data to help businesses uncover payment capabilities that can help them maximize revenue, while optimizing costs and minimizing fraud. We help merchants make sense of the large payment data sets we have access to so they can provide a great customer experience.
  5. Less complexity. Access Worldpay APIs are built to reduce complexity. Merchants can get the APIs that are relevant to them currently and easily access additional APIs as needed. Access Worldpay is also focused on the developer experience, offering complete API documentation, discoverable references, “try and live” environments, rich error messages and simple credentials to access our APIs.

Traditional payment processing doesn’t have the capability to address the complexities many businesses face today, including billing various legal entities, reporting events and actions, and accepting and settling a wide range of currencies and transaction types. By masking the complexity, Access Worldpay gives merchants and developers the APIs they need to both simplify payments setup and adapt to change as it unfolds.