Our company was founded on the belief that doing the right thing builds a foundation for our long-term success.

Worldpay Values

Worldpay’s ethical business practices and conduct are a top priority as reflected in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the “Code”). Ethical behavior and company values impact our entire business, including our reputation with clients and shareholders, our dealings with suppliers, our communications with regulatory agencies and, ultimately, our interactions with colleagues in the workplace.

Our values are how we work together to deliver our purpose each and every day.

  • Lead with integrity
  • Be the change
  • Win as one team

Lead with Integrity: Worldpay Ethics Office

One of the primary purposes of the Worldpay Ethics Office (fisethicsoffice@fisglobal.com) is to foster a culture of compliance. The Worldpay Ethics Office is an extension of the Worldpay Business Ethics Program which reflects – and reinforces – Worldpay's culture while supporting its core values, and the highest standards of openness, fairness, honesty and ethical behavior - to Shine Bright - Do What Is Right. Worldpay also utilizes mandatory new-hire and annual education and awareness trainings on a variety of subject matters to further promote a culture of compliance.

Our mission is to guide, inspire and support colleagues to Lead with Integrity. We provide an important resource to support ethical behavior which is at the core of everything we do and woven into our daily operations to Be the Change, to act with integrity, and follow the guidance set forth in the Code, as well as all Company policies, applicable laws and regulations in all jurisdictions in which Worldpay operates to Win as One Team in an ethical and legally compliant manner.

For additional externally facing policies such as our Worldpay Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption Policy, please visit the Corporate Profile page within https://corporate.worldpay.com/ specifically within the Corporate Governance section.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Corporate Profile

Be the Change: Report Wrongdoing — Speak Up!

We want to hear from you. Remember, an issue cannot be addressed unless it is brought to someone’s attention. If you see or suspect a violation of our Code, company policies or the law, it is your duty to Speak Up! and report it to management, TPO or the Ethics Helpline which allows matters to be reported anonymously. The Helpline is available to the public and third-parties as well as to our colleagues.

In addition, you can contact the Worldpay Ethics Office at fisethicsoffice@fisglobal.com with your concerns. Worldpay has zero tolerance for retaliation.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Ethics Helpline
  • Once you report a matter to our Ethics Helpline, it is routed to the Chief Ethics Officer and one member of the Ethics team for review.
  • The matter is then assigned to a lead investigator.
  • Investigations are conducted in a confidential manner; information about an investigation will only be shared with or communicated by the investigator to those who have a legitimate need to know about the investigation.
  • Any substantiated or partially substantiated violations of the Code and/or other company policies may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment in accordance with local laws.
  • The Ethics Officer reviews each matter recommended for closure to determine that appropriate action has been taken and that any disciplinary actions are consistent across the organization.
  • Following each investigation, the Ethics team works to identify any potential risks related to the conduct, opportunities to improve processes and subjects on which to educate employees and mitigate the chance of reoccurances.
  • Myth - If I contact the Ethics Helpline, my allegation will be ignored.

    Truth - All concerns are formally reviewed by the Ethics Office to determine a course of action. Not all concerns require a formal investigation, but we are committed to responding to every concern.

  • Myth - My concern will just automatically get sent to The People Office (TPO).

    Truth - All Ethics Helpline allegations are first handled by the Worldpay Ethics Office. When appropriate, the team coordinates with those who have subject matter expertise to conduct a proper investigation of certain allegations. Many employment-related issues can be best addressed by TPO.

  • Myth - Even if my claims are substantiated, those involved won’t be disciplined.

    Truth - Colleagues, regardless of rank, are disciplined as appropriate when allegations are substantiated or partially substantiated. Disciplinary action may include oral warnings, written warnings, additional training and, where appropriate, termination.

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Win as One Team

Our commitment to ethics and compliance will not only enable us to succeed today but will also help us to sustain this success long-term. However, we never lose sight that Worldpay succeeds only when our clients succeed. Our unwavering commitment to ethics is critical to our success. This drives our commitment to thought leadership, operational excellence and innovation that champions our clients’ business and keeps them competitive in today’s dynamic and challenging environment — while encompassing Worldpay’s values to attain success together.