ATM processing services

  • Direct connection to US ATM networks – no gateway fees
  • Real-time online reporting and terminal management
  • Reduced downtime for transaction success

Reliability you can count on

ATM transactions should be quick and easy for your customers. And we work hard to help you make that happen. We have two fully-redundant data centers to minimize processing delays and maximize uptime – providing reliability that keeps customers coming back.

Why choose Worldpay

  • Excellent uptime
  • High paying interchange
  • Superb wireless processing
  • Low chargebacks and communication errors
  • First processor to support Linq3 lottery application

Keep Your ATM Processing Running Profitably

Key features

Real-time reporting

Convenient, real-time reporting tools that can be accessed from any internet-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone.

24/7 customer service

Consistent uptime

We operate through fully-redundant data centers to help ensure your ATMs achieve higher and more consistent uptimes.

More ways to sell

Pay by link

Resellers benefit from our range of tools, services and support, which provide extra value to their customers.