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Best practices in the thriving subscription ecosystem

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18 Apr 2016

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Subscriptions have taken off!

Find out how to make the most of subscriptions by experiencing the model today, where it could be headed, and how to optimize your recurring payments.

Maximize conversion from free-to-paid

Getting a user into a subscription plan and keeping them is challenging. Payments improve conversion, but content is the key to getting them to stay.

The next step to maximizing growth

So you have a high conversion from free-to-paid. What's the next step to maximizing your revenue? How you charge your consumers can make a huge difference.

Discover the future of payment strategy

Getting the data needed to make smart choices about your payments is a challenge - we can help.

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Subscriptions are set to build even more momentum in the coming years. 30% of digital consumers say they will be subscribing more in the future.

Digital 30% Consumers

Where this growth is happening might surprise you. Unusually BIC countries have much higher levels of online subscribers compared to the US or UK.

% of active internet users with a live subscription to an online service

BIC Countries 80.75% Developed Markets 49.8%

Software subscriptions are continuing to gain momentum. SaaS subscribers have the second highest loyalty levels behind media subscribers.

% of people who have held subscriptions for over 1 year


30% software services

39.7% media content

Free trials are a great way to drive sign ups. However, digital consumers often cancel a trial before the trial is over.

% of digital consumers who cancel free trials to avoid paying

BIC Countries 34.35% Developed Markets 65%

Tech savvy early adopters are much more likely to cancel than the mainstream.

% of early adopters subscribing after a free trial vs. mainstream users

37.25% early adopters

51.75% mainstream users

The key to keeping people invested (and paying) after a free trial is to offer them the features they want. Content has always keen king, but user experience and content curation are key considerations as well.

Top reasons people upgrade to a premium subscription service.

49% better quality content available

34% access to much more content

33% improved user experience

27% excellent content discovery & curation

When you take your payments is key, and in some cases, it can improve your acceptance rates by up to 20%.

Acceptance 20% Rates up

Let's take a look at a month. You can see that certain days stand out as good time to take your monthly payment.

Decline rate


Even the time of day can make a difference. You can see that payments early in the day have a much higher success rate than those taken later in the day.

1AM high success rate

5PM low success rate

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A platform built for subscriptions

Able to process globally, wherever you or your customers are, we also support recurring features like account updater and zero value authorizations to keep customers paying.

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18 Apr 2016