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Maintaining the holiday momentum

January 12 2016
The 2015 holiday shopping season was a happy one for retailers with MasterCard reporting that U.S. sales overall grew by nearly eight percent. While the festivities are through for now, a new year is here with plenty of new opportunities.

Combating biometric authentication concerns in payments

January 6 2016
Concerns about data security in payments have been top-of-mind in recent years, making consumers hesitant to adopt new methods such as biometric authentication. If well-established solutions, such as passwords or PIN numbers, have in the past been compromised, how can they trust biometrics will work any better?

2015 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Recap: The E-Commerce Leap

December 8 2015
The biggest shopping days of 2015 have come and gone, and the seemingly endless deals and discounts of Black Friday and Cyber Monday have ushered us into another season of holiday shopping. Despite recent stories about the potential decline of major shopping days, this year’s outcome did not disappoint.

Evolving Customer Expectations Demonstrated in 2015 Global Payments Report

December 3 2015
With more than 300 payment options around the world today, it can be difficult for merchants to keep track of expectations. To help businesses ensure their payment acceptance options keep pace with their customers’ evolving expectations, Worldpay compiled data on payment preferences across 30 countries in its 2015 Global Payments Report.

How to Keep Your Small Business Growing

October 29 2015
It’s probably safe to say that steady and continuous growth is a goal of most businesses. Here are tips for successfully managing the growth of your small business.

5 Signs It's Time for Your Business to Grow

October 1 2015
Business is good: steady or increasing sales, happy customers, busy employees. But is this alone enough to move into a growth phase? How do you know that your business is not only healthy, but poised to expand? Here are five signs you might be ready to start taking on more.