5 tools for effective mobile marketing

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Mobile marketing is the hottest thing that's happened to marketing in recent years. The success stories keep rolling in and it seems like small businesses have tapped into a marketing holy grail of sorts.

A good thing can always get better, and as mobile marketing gets more focused and strategic, small businesses will benefit from keeping up with the latest trends and tools available to continue boosting sales and engaging clients.

Here are some tools to guide you to optimal mobile marketing:

1 - Adroll Retargeting For Mobile

A retargeting program that revitalizes your leads with ads synchronized across multiple devices, Facebook, Twitter, mobile web, and mobile apps. It boasts effective and transparent analytics, segmentation, and targeting and improved marketing efficiency.

They offer two pricing options: Pay as you go without minimum limit with you to draw up a personalized budget and Premium which includes additional integration possibilities, customized reports and more.

2 - TextMagic SMS Marketing Software

It is a text messaging service for your small business. Around since 2001, they're one of the SMS marketing pioneers. TextMagic allows users to add multiple mobile contacts, then create personalized text templates, and schedule those text messages.

This way you can:

  • Notify your customers about new features/services
  • Deliver coupons, loyalty e-cards, promo codes to your mobile subscribers
  • Promote your events and seasonal activities

They offer a free trial. Extra features include free tools such as Phone Number Validation, Transliteration for Text Messages, and a RRULE Generator for iCal Events.

3 - ScanLife

Today, ScanLife offers this benefit to small and local businesses. They have a free trial and ScanLife app is compatible with Android and iOS.

Their consumer behavior survey shows that 89% of customers use their mobile phones while shopping and that 72% prefer to interact with their favorite brands via app.

Starbucks used ScanLife to place QR codes on their coffee bags to promote a new line of roasts. When customers scanned the codes, they were linked to videos with information on the product.

Starbucks also distributed bookmarks with QR codes and customers were able to vote and share their favorite flavor. Customers were engaged and Starbucks was able to collect important information on their customer's choices.

QR and other scanning modes can help businesses of all sizes promote products to their clients and gather feedback.

4 - Social Media Sign Up Forms

Businesses that have sign-up forms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets can add an extra field to the standard name and email and ask for the client to include a cell phone number.

By adding this little extra field, you can exponentially increase your mobile lead base. This is an ideal channel to help businesses build on the momentum of their social media networks.

5 - Mobile Polling

This is a great, and sometimes the only, way to find out what your clients think. Including mobile polling into your mobile campaign will accomplish a few things:

  • It will make your client feel valued. If you're asking for their feedback, they'll feel like you're interested in their need and be more likely to engage with you in future polls and texts.
  • It gives you an incredible wealth of information on the cream of your company's clients - your SMS base, the ones who are most open and responsive to hearing from you. These are the people whose opinion you want to hear.
  • Responding to their feedback will help you build loyalty. You'll find out what you need to do to provide better service to your clients.

It’s time for small businesses to actively take advantage of mobile marketing. Use the tools described above to reach your customers where they spend the most time – on mobile!


About the Guest Author

Alexa Lemzy is the blogger, editor and customer service specialist at TextMagic. She writes about text messaging, mobile marketing and small business. You can follow @Alexa_Lemzy on Twitter.

Written by:   ,  21 Nov 2017