3 tools to help share your marketing and promotions with employees

Author: Jeffrey Wisard

It’s your favorite time of year as a business owner: the busy season. This is a time to dial in the black and go from zero to hero and stressed to #blessed.

This time, you’ve got a trick up your sleeve –amazing promotions to encourage even more shoppers to visit your store.

You get everything ready - print out flyers and fire away an email campaign to your current customers.

A few hours later an eager customer places their first item on the counter, ready to purchase. You glow,   the promotion is working. Your employee greets the shopper with a blank stare and quizzical, “what promotion?” response. The customer holds up the email with a look of frustration.

If you’ve experienced a situation like this, you may be losing sales and alienating customers.

Connect with employees to keep customers coming back

We are part of a mobile generation where communication is constantly on.  We communicate with our friends, family and spouses on an hourly basis.  It is as important to get connected with your own employees. Lack of communication with your employees can lead them   to being unprepared for handling customer questions and sales promotions.

To help you get connected, we’re recommending 3 tools you can use to help keep employees engaged and in the know.

1. Slack

Slack is a free collaboration software that simplifies communication for employees by creating a shared workspace where conversations are organized and accessible. To help keep things ordered, you can create “Channels” for each topic – Think marketing campaigns, promotions, coupon codes and more. Everything is searchable, so your employees don’t waste time trying to find what they’re looking for.

It’s available on iOS, Android and on the web. It’s integrated with apps you use every day. If you have the budget, you can upgrade to get additional calling, security and intelligence features for as low as $6.67/user/month. Try the free version first – it may be all that you require.  

2. Workplace by Facebook

Facebook is known as the social network for engaging with friends, but did you know Facebook offers tools for businesses? 

Workplace by Facebook helps everyone in your business stay connected using the same social media tools they use everyday. If you’ve got a creative workforce with great ideas, Workplace could be just what you need for employee communication. You can create groups (for promotions, knowledge sharing, etc.), do live video meetings with your employees, collaborate with other stores, control what your staff sees in their Workplace newsfeed and message your entire staff instantly. With 2.01 billion users worldwide (as of June 2017), your employees are sure to be familiar with how Facebook works.  

Workplace offers a robust set of features in the “Free” plan, including x, y, and Z. If you need  x and y, you can upgrade to the Premium plan for $3/user/month.

3. EZ Texting

Communicate promotions, coupons and more via SMS text with EZ Texting. With EZ Texting, businesses can communicate with employees quickly and easily by sending text messages directly to their mobile phones. Businesses simply compose a message, add images and tracking codes, and then send or schedule texts. EZ Texting even lets you create groups andsend voice messages. Watch: How to use EZ Texting or read: Communicating with Employees Using SMS to learn more!

EZ Texting pricing is small business friendly. You can send 250 messages per month, for free or 1,000 messages per month, for $49.

What tools do you use to connect with your employees? Tweet at us – We’d love to hear what’s working for you.


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About the Author

Jeffrey Wisard is the Channel Content Marketing Manager at Worldpay. With deep experience in SEO, Content and Process Driven Digital Marketing, he’s able to help businesses segment their ideas to channel specific messages, realizing conversions and engagements that help SMBs grow. He’s also founded lifestyle specific festivals and created ROI driven digital communities, so he understands the needs of new and current businesses owners. When he’s not segmenting marketing messages, you can find him on his bike, run commuting and/or spending time with his awesome wife and super cool baby girl.  




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