Accept credit cards anywhere with Ring Up

Author: Wade Burrell

Give your customers a simple and convenient buying experience by accepting magnetic strip and chip cards from your mobile device

At Worldpay, we are constantly innovating to help merchants like you focus on what really matters: your business. That’s why we have partnered up with NCR to launch Ring Up®.

Ring Up offers your business an easy way to accept magnetic strip and chip cards right from a mobile device.

Expand and Grow Business

Ring Up was built with mobility in mind. With the ability to accept payments anytime and anywhere, you can expand your point-of-sale to wherever your customers are. Additionally, using Ring Up gives you access to your funds fast, providing you with more flexibility to invest those funds back into your business.

Save Time and Money

Pricing is simple and transparent with Ring Up and Worldpay:

·         2.70% for standard swipe or dip transactions

·         3.50% + $0.15 for keyed-in transactions

·         A $9.99 monthly subscription

·         $39.00 for the reader

·         No additional administrative fees

Ring Up can also help you save time when making critical business decisions with near real-time transaction data and analytics.

Help Keep Data Secure

With Ring Up and Worldpay, a your business’s data, as well as your customers’ data, is encrypted at the point of purchase so no private information stays on the mobile device. This helps keep customers and businesses secure.

The Ring Up device can also accept EMV (chip) cards. These cards have built-in security measures that help prevent fraudulent transactions.  When using these cards to pay, you and your customers can have more confidence in knowing some the latest technology is being used to accept payments.

To find out more about Ring Up and how to get started, visit or check out the video below.

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Written by:   ,  3 Oct 2017