Worldpay Virtual Terminal Introduces Innovative New Features

Author: Susan Galberaith

New features enhance security and ensure payment efficiency.

Worldpay Virtual Terminal, part of our complete payment solution profile, gives merchants the ability to process card payments anywhere, anytime – requiring only an internet connection.

Whether customers are shopping in-store or online, Worldpay Virtual Terminal enables merchants to reach them where they are – giving them a broad range of payment options.

We’re constantly innovating to help merchants focus on what really matters: their business. Here are the latest features we’ve launched for Worldpay Virtual Terminal:

Hosted Payment Pages
These pages allow merchants to integrate a payments platform directly into their e-commerce business. The checkout workflow is hosted entirely by Worldpay via secure payment pages. Once payment is complete, customers are instantly redirected to the merchant’s site.

Merchants now have the ability to create electronic invoices from within Worldpay Virtual Terminal. A secure link is sent directly from the merchant to the customer’s email, allowing customers to pay with credit or debit right from their browser with no additional fees for the merchant.

ACH Payments
Customers can now pay directly from their bank accounts. ACH payments can be used for automated or recurring payments through the AutoBill feature, eliminating the need for merchants to re-enter a customer’s information with each recurring payment.

Our solution uses integrated e-commerce technology, real-time reporting and 24/7 expert merchant support to transform any computer into a virtual payment terminal.

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Written by:   ,  3 Aug 2017