Discussing ISV and merchant acquirer partnerships at TRANSACT Tech

Author: Natalie Jacks

Worldpay US is excited to give the closing keynote on the value in connecting merchant acquirers and independent software vendors (ISVs), strengthening merchant acquisition strategies and capitalizing on the exploding FinTech industry.

Worldpay US Chief Executive Officer Kim Goodman will deliver the closing keynote at this year’s TRANSACT Tech event in Atlanta. The presentation, “Driving merchant value through ISV partnerships,” will provide an in-depth look at how FinTech companies can work with merchant acquirers to develop an effective business strategy.

More than ever, FinTech companies are focusing on customized integrated solutions for small businesses, specializing in specific verticals and aiming to deliver value directly to their customers.

While payment processing plays a role in these solutions, it’s not the main driver of a purchasing decision. There are more than 10,000 ISVs in the U.S., representing approximately 10 percent of new merchant accounts each year. This keynote will focus on the growing number of business strategies that U.S. merchant acquirers are pursuing in reaction to this growing trend.

In today’s highly-fragmented ISV segment, both ISVs and merchant acquirers can drive more value in commerce by working together through strategic partnerships. To learn more about the exciting innovations impacting the merchant acquiring industry, join Kim’s keynote on Tuesday, June 20 at 3:40 p.m at the Georgia Tech Student Center.

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Written by:   ,  19 Jun 2017