How scan-and-go payments are saving paper and plastic in time for Earth Day

Each April, millions around the world celebrate Earth Day by taking steps to protect the environment and now the retailers are joining the movement with scan-and-go payments.

Scan-and-go payments are bringing big changes to the consumer shopping experience. Rather than waiting to pay for their items in a traditional checkout line, shoppers can use their smartphone to scan and pay for a product in seconds. Here’s a look at the top three benefits this new payment method will introduce.

Paperless transactions – Every year in the United States, 1 billion gallons of water, 250 million gallons of oil and 10 million trees are used to print paper receipts. Scan-and-go payments are poised to play a big role in reducing that environmental footprint. Since a digital receipt is sent directly to a shopper’s smartphone after a scan-and-go payment is made, demand for paper receipts may soon begin to dwindle. Better yet, shoppers no longer need to rely on plastic credit and debit cards, thereby paving the way for even more environmental savings.

Faster checkout – From grocery stores to clothing retailers, long checkout lines are a common sight for shoppers. With scan-and-go payments, however, those extended waits could soon become a thing of the past. Using a scan-and-go app that’s unique to each business, shoppers can simply scan the barcode of each item they’d like to purchase and then pay for that item within the app. After shoppers receive a digital receipt, they can head out the door – skipping lengthy checkout lines completely.

Improved efficiency – As more shoppers opt for the convenience of scan-and-go payments, checkout clerks will have the opportunity to focus on improving other areas of the business, including the customer experience.

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Written by:   ,  21 Apr 2017