Making healthcare simpler with omni-channel payments

The healthcare industry is constantly battling with ever-changing complexities, but Worldpay is working to simplify one important process for patients and healthcare professionals.

With the number of people with access to healthcare increasing, the industry is turning to the digital world to help make processes more seamless - including the payments process. For example, Patientco, a healthcare payments technology company, partnered with Worldpay US to process patient payments faster, providing patients with a better payments experience and healthcare professionals with more time to care for patients.

Integrating omni-channel payment platforms, such as Worldpay Total, is one way the healthcare payments landscape is transforming to ensure a seamless patient experience. These platforms offer multiple payment options to fit each patient’s needs and tackle several administrative tasks.

  • Reduced operational costs: Transitioning from multiple vendors for each payment channel to a single solution that satisfies all payment options can cut operational costs significantly and eliminate multiple fees from different vendors.
  • Efficient customer processing: Companies that offer and accept a wide variety of payments can cater to customers’ individual needs, making patient transactions and payment processing more efficient and effortless.
  • Improved customer experience: By simplifying a traditionally complex process, omni-channel payment platforms eliminate the stress that comes with healthcare payments and provides a better overall experience for patients.

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To learn about our partnership with Patientco, watch our recent video.

Written by:   ,  24 Mar 2017