Congratulations to the winners of FinTech Hack @ ATDC

Last weekend, Worldpay sponsored the FinTech Hack @ ATDC, the technology business incubator’s second FinTech hackathon.

Hosted at the Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech, the event focused on bringing developers, designers and entrepreneurs together to find innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Nearly 100 participants gathered at the ATDC. The IoT themed hackathon tasked contestants with using the sponsors’ APIs to create seamless payment experiences for everyday situations, including parking and paying bills. The hackathon provided participants with 50 pounds of Legos, 40 Raspberry Pis, and Amazon Dots and IoT sensors to help bring the real world into the two-day competition.

Developers competed for awards from “Best Use of APIs” with a $6,000 prize to the “Best in Show” award for a six-month Grand Prize package, including cash and other benefits valued at $79,000.

This year, 19 ideas passed the initial pitch round, four more than last year, and the teams quickly began working on their solutions. The teams worked tirelessly throughout the weekend to complete their solutions before the deadline on Sunday afternoon, and after all solutions were submitted, Team Smart Space received Worldpay’s “Best Use of APIs” award.

Team Smart Space created a solution that allows business owners to learn how factors such as temperature and noise levels affect their business by using a variety of data points gathered from IoT sensors and internet sites. For example, the app collects information on crowd sizes and weather then establishes mathematical correlations between these inputs and store sales. Ultimately, the app could help a store owner learn how to best promote its business, the right time to offer specials, or predict when additional staff is needed based on the data provided.

Worldpay’s APIs proved to be the popular choice at the event too, as the “Best in Show” winner, Team Carculation, also used Worldpay’s APIs.

The event’s focus on IoT brought out new ideas for bringing payments into everyday life from health and fitness, to fleet management, to valet services. We’re looking forward to watching these hackers continue to disrupt the payments industry beyond the cash register this year.

Congratulations to all of the winners of the second FinTech Hack @ATDC! Follow us on Twitter for more company news and events.

Written by:   ,  15 Feb 2017