Are you ready for Black Friday?

The week leading up to Black Friday often leaves retailers feeling crunched for time. 

With just days to go, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Consider implementing the three proactive, customer-centric strategies that go back to the basics and alleviate some of the pressure to give way to a happy holiday season:

  1. Make sure management is ready to go: Supervisors are accustomed to leading and advising associates, and the holidays should be no exception. Review store operations and policies with them prior to Black Friday to help things run as smoothly as possible. Everything from fielding customer questions to communicating with payment partners can be best handled by a well-trained manager.
  2. Have a back-up plan: Beginning with the influx of shoppers on Black Friday, the holiday frenzy can cause servers to go down, websites to crash and apps to become overloaded. Retailers can be prepared by keeping “knuckle buster” credit card impression machines, pads of carbon paper and calculators on hand. Also, “roaming” cashiers with iPads can cut back wait times and meet customers on the floor to check them out more quickly.
  3. Confirm the customer is the cardholder: The easiest way to confirm cardholder information is to check that the signature on the sales receipt matches the signature on the card presented – a classic example of a forgotten card association best practice.  If there is no signature on the card, another form of ID, like a driver’s license, will confirm the customer is the cardholder.  Hold on to physical or digital copies of sales receipts for 18 months – the maximum amount of time the Payments Card Industry says a customer can dispute chargeback fees.

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Written by:   ,  18 Nov 2016