Helping VARs ‘serve-up’ small restaurant needs

3 tips to help value-added resellers (VARs) deliver the best solutions that drive top results for small restaurants

Worldpay’s team of vertical market experts is dedicated to helping small businesses evolve with technology and tailoring payment solutions to suit their customers.


In this post, we’ve outlined three tips to help value-added resellers (VARs) deliver the best solutions that drive top results for small restaurants.


Cater to customer needs

Many small restaurants dedicate large amounts of time and budget to attracting new customers. It’s just as important, however, for these businesses to focus on adding more value to the loyal and returning customers they already have. VARs are in a position to introduce restaurant owners to applicable tools in the marketplace, such as or, which can help them understand specific customer needs. With a better understanding, restaurant owners can cater to their customers in real-time, using beacons or customer opt-in mobile apps to drive offers.


Serve-up ‘connected’ solutions

Small restaurants are often looking at their larger competitors for what IT solutions to adopt. With more than 60 percent of restaurant transactions coming from Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), it’s important for VARs to focus on the solutions that are EMV-certified, drive customer engagement and reduce PCI scope for restaurants. Rather than using solutions from multiple providers, VARs can suggest a single, connected offering. Worldpay, for example, works with VARs to ensure their offerings include integrated payment processing whether the customer is paying at the table, POS or on the restaurant’s mobile app.


Put value at the top of your menu

Many small restaurant owners are hesitant to invest in IT solutions, reporting that VARs focus too much attention on the product and not enough attention on the value it will bring to their business in the long term. To overcome this objection, VARs can present testimonials, such as a videos, that provide scalable examples of how the product can drive new business to the restaurant.


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Written by:   ,  11 Aug 2016