Enhancing the customer experience with VR Commerce

As the buzz around virtual reality (VR) continues to grow, retailers are taking notice and tapping into the VR industry to showcase products to shoppers through unique customer experiences. 

Worldpay US Vice President of Innovation and Design Joe Kleinwaechter recently discussed how retailers are already using VR commerce and its potential to boost sales with Mobile Commerce Daily.

Retailers have begun experimenting with VR commerce to promote products using mobile applications and complementary headsets that pull individuals into new dimensions.

For example, upon arriving at one of The North Face’s South Korean stores, customers were asked if they were searching for gear related to a specific season, such as winter sports apparel. If so, employees offered headsets that took customers on a snowy getaway adventure while accompanied by a pack of huskies.

Furniture retailer Ikea has also toyed with the virtual reality experience by offering a mobile experience that gives users the ability to explore various kitchen interior settings and alter them with their personal color preferences.

Implementing VR commerce into revenue-generating strategies can help in-store employees upsell inventory or even convince customers to purchase products that were once under the radar for them.

“By creating these unique experiences, brands will be able to effectively engage and entertain potential customers in a way that will allow their product to truly come to life and greatly increase the likelihood of conversion,” Joe commented. “Additionally, VR will afford consumers the ability to transform their shopping experience beyond their local mall or laptop.

For more about the benefits of VR commerce, read the full article.

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Written by:   ,  9 Jun 2016