Maintaining the holiday momentum

The 2015 holiday shopping season was a happy one for retailers with MasterCard reporting that U.S. sales overall grew by nearly eight percent. While the festivities are through for now, a new year is here with plenty of new opportunities.

In January and February, in particular, merchants can prolong this period of increased sales through a few e-commerce touchpoints. Here are three tips:

Use account creation to your advantage: Consumer attitudes towards online account creation are increasingly positive, and this sentiment is heightened during the holiday season. Over the last twelve months, 60 percent of shoppers have created or used an online account, according to Worldpay’s Online Payment Journey report. Additionally, 47 percent are happy to save their personal details knowing it will make future transactions quicker and easier (especially from their favorite stores). That being said, reaching out to your loyal customers is a great way to start off the year on the right foot. Consider running a special promotion for those shoppers who used or created accounts during the holidays.

  • Get user feedback, give a discount: Along that same vein, you might even think about asking for their feedback on the holiday shopping experience, in exchange for a discount or gift card. E-commerce sales skyrocket during the holidays, and input from individuals with firsthand experience is invaluable. Areas to focus on include transaction time, usability, communication features and security.
  • Be ready for the gift card uptick: For eight consecutive years, gift cards have been the most asked for holiday gift item, according to the National Retail Federation(NRF). Additionally, about three quarters of consumers spend more than the amount on their gift card. After the holidays, retailers need to be prepared for greater gift card redemption and the resulting increase in spending. Ensure gift card acceptance across all touchpoints, particularly online and via mobile. Payments providers can help implement a system with easy POS or virtual activation, spend tracking features and support services for customer questions.

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Written by:   ,  12 Jan 2016