Your changes - April 2015

Upgrading your service

Q: Why are Worldpay making these changes?
A: We wrote to you recently to let you know that Cardsave started trading as Worldpay, to update your terminal hire agreement(s) and to let you know how your business would benefit from closer alignment within Worldpay. As part of this, we are aligning your terminal servicing element – delivering you better value as a Worldpay customer. This includes transferring your terminal hire agreement(s) to Worldpay (UK) Limited as from 30 April 2015 to give you the benefit of the upgraded services.
Q: When do these changes come into affect?
A: From 1 June 2015. From this date you will benefit from our Peace of Mind package and can access our 24/7 teams for terminal queries including around your new billing arrangements and  terminal support.  

Improving your cash flow

Q: What’s changing with my terminal billing arrangements?
A: Your terminal billing arrangements are changing to monthly in arrears instead of in advance.
Q: When will my billing changes start?
A: From the date advised in your letter you’ll start to pay for your terminal hire fees monthly in arrears instead of in advance (most customers have been paying quarterly in advance). The table below illustrates how this will work (including if you have more than terminal and have paid for each of these up to different dates).  
Your billing frequency If the last month you made a payment in was: Your next payment would normally have been due in: Your next invoice will cover the month (or remainder of the month if you have already paid for part of the month) of:* The invoice for that month (or part month) issued on: Your next payment will be debited by Worldpay (UK) Limited from your account on**:
Quarterly Billing Feb '15 May '15 May '15 01-Jun-2015 18-Jun-2015
  Mar '15 Jun '15 Jun '15 01-Jul-2015 18-Jul-2015
  Apr '15 Jul '15 Jul '15 01-Aug-2015 18-Aug-2015
  May '15 Aug Aug '15 01-Sep-2015 18-Sep-2015
Apr '15 May '15 May '15 01-Jun-2015 18-Jun-2015
  May '15 Jun '15 Jun '15 01-Jul-2015 18-Jul-2015
Annual May '14 May '15 May '15 01-Jun-2015 18-Jun-2015
  Jun '14 Jun '15 Jun '15 01-Jul-2015 18-Jul-2015


*If your most recent advance payment takes you to part way through a month, then your first monthly terminal payment after this will be a partial charge (sometimes referred to as pro-rated charge) to the end of that calendar month. After that you will be invoiced the full monthly amount for your terminals as shown in your terminal schedule.  
** At the beginning of each month after this you will be invoiced for the full monthly terminal hire fees for the previous month. Your terminal hire fees will be payable by direct debit to Worldpay (UK) Limited on the 18th of each month.
Q: What’s changing on my invoice?
A: From the date advised on your letter you’ll see both your terminal hire fees and your monthly acquiring all on one invoice from Worldpay (UK) Limited.
Q: When will my invoice payment be taken?
A: Payment for both your terminal hire fees and acquiring will be taken by direct debit on 18th of each month. Please note this will be from the bank account your acquiring charges already come from. 
Q: I already have a direct debit in place for my terminals with Modacs. What will happen to this?
A: If the only thing the direct debit form has been used for is your terminals then you don’t need to do anything. We will arrange to cancel this for you. If this direct debit is also used for other fees though, such as Cardsave Online services (also known as Cardsave Gateway), then the direct debit will remain in place to collect those fees - but will not be used for the terminal hire fees. Terminal hire fees will be taken in future under the direct debit you already have set up with Worldpay (UK) Limited for your acquiring services.
Q: I am currently in arrears with my payments to Modacs. What happens to the amounts I owe?
A: You will still need to pay these, but as from 30 April 2015 you will need to pay them to Worldpay (UK) Limited instead of Modacs.   

Peace of Mind package

Q: What is the Peace of Mind package?
A: For all customers using Worldpay terminals we offer a Peace of Mind Package, which provides a 24/7 UK based contact centre available 365 days a year. In addition to this customers will receive the following free of charge for 2015:
  • Next day terminal replacement service
  • Where terminals are accidentally damaged, we will replace or repair at no extra charge. Where damage is judged to have been caused deliberately, charges will still be incurred.
  • Where a same day replacement slot is available, we’ll offer it at no extra charge. Terms and conditions apply.
Q: Is there normally a cost for a same day terminal replacement?
A: Yes – this is normally charged at £40 (plus any applicable VAT) per call out.
Q: Is there normally a cost to replace damaged terminals?
A: Yes – depending on the circumstances there may be a charge of £175 (plus any applicable VAT) to replace a damaged terminal.  
Q: I live in a remote area – is same day terminal replacement available to me?
A: There are some post codes where we are not able to provide same day terminal replacement. Terms and conditions apply.
Q: When will my current terminal hire period end?
A: Your current hire period will end on the date shown in the Terminal Schedule which we sent you recently with our letter about your new Terminal Hire Agreement. If you are not sure when this is you can call our Help Desk for these details.    
Your hire period will automatically renew when your current hire period ends. We will contact you in advance of the date your contract is due to renew.
Q: I have an online account with Cardsave Online Limited and a virtual terminal, will they both change from 1 June?
A: No – Your Cardsave Online account (also sometimes known as Cardsave Gateway) will continue as normal. Please continue to call our dedicated online teams on 0844 209 1500 ext. 7512.
Q: I have a Cardsave online (Cardsave Gateway) account.   Will I receive a separate invoice for my online business?
A: Yes – If you already receive a separate invoice for your Cardsave Online (Cardsave Gateway) online account you will continue to do so.
Q:  Does this affect my PCIDSS compliance?
A: PCIDSS compliance remains mandatory.  We should already be enrolled in our SaferPayments programme which has been designed to make it quicker and easier for you to confirm your compliance.  If you have not already confirmed your compliance, you should do so as soon as possible.  Read our Safer Payments page for more information.