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Be Smart. Be Compliant. Be Protected.

Our team take the hassle out of compliance and security.

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About SaferPayments Plus

Worldpay SaferPayments Plus programme provides more for your compliance including managed compliance reporting with our dedicated SaferPayments Plus agents who guide you through step by step telephone compliance reporting,  compliance renewal notifications via telephone and email as well as a range of security tools to give peace of mind from cyber security threats.

What is PCI DSS and what is it for?


  • PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • The focus of PCI DSS is to help businesses accept card payments safely
  • The card brands (VISA MasterCard, Discover, JCB) are behind this standard and are focussed on reducing fraud by setting a minimum standard of security

Benefits of our service

  • Compliance reporting: Our dedicated SaferPayments Plus team contact you each year to guide you step by step through your compliance reporting over the phone which means a fast and more effective way for you to report and maintain your compliance
  • Compliance renewal notification: we contact you before a reporting deadline falls due
  • ASV scanning scheduling: We complete for you which is a mandatory requirement to becoming PCI DSS Compliant for many businesses
  • ASV scan remediation contact and support
  • Supporting with cyber security: to give you peace of mind over cyber security threats
  • Education in data security and relevance to your business
  • Security tools: We reach out to advise of vulnerabilities, outstanding patches and password vulnerabilities
  • Endpoint protect
  • Web application firewall (WAF)
  • Prevents additional fees – save money by avoiding monthly non-compliance fees

What does SaferPayments Plus include?

Powerful security software accompanied by a support team to help you understand what you may need to do to improve security in your organisation

Proactive monitoring of scan results and remediation support

Over the phone guided PCI DSS compliance reporting, including scanning if needs be


Website defence

Protect your website from attack by hackers with a comprehensive website defence programme. You get defence against common web attacks such as DDoS attacks, cross-site scripting and SQL injection as well as more common issues such as viruses, worms, trolls and trojans.


Anti-virus protection is essential for every business. Our solution provides protection from malware instances, virus infection and suspicious hidden files.

Easy to use scanning application

All scans are performed through the easy-to-use Sysnet Protect application. The app sits on your desktop, performs all scans on your demand and allows you to review all previous scan reports and data.

Keeping data secure

Protect sensitive data

Accept card payments safely and protect against the risk of having card data stolen

Reduce your risk of contracting malware or ransomware on your devices

Read more about our security software

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Contact our team with your Worldpay reference to hand

  • UK: 0330 808 9283 or if calling from ROI: 1800816104
  • Opening Hours: 8-8 Monday-Friday, 9-5 Saturday, closed Sunday
  • Our team will assist you in the first steps in improving your data security, providing you with access to security tools
  • Our team will guide you through meeting PCI Compliance. If a scan is required, we will arrange this for you as well as provide proactive monitoring and alerting when tasks are due to ensure you remain compliant


Using information from our help desk, we have collated all the frequently asked questions on PCI DSS and how to become compliant.

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