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My Business Dashboard is an online account, it provides customers with a full breakdown of business activity, and the ability to manage their Worldpay account. Customers can easily view and interact with business information in real-time, from card sales, to settlements and invoices. 

It's all accessible online making it convenient for businesses. 

Benefits for your business


My Business Dashboard presents information from each stage of the payment process from transaction to settlement and invoicing. Ranging from hour by hour breakdown up to an entire year’s worth of information at once; My Business Dashboard is able to assist you no matter how frequently you reconcile. 


The Insights page provides you with instant access to your sales totals, a breakdown of your card transactions and insights into your customer's spending patterns. The Insights graph provides a visual representation of your data and you also have the option to download your transaction history. 


The Settlements page of My Business Dashboard provides you with a list of your daily settlements. Settlements are displayed in your Dashboard prior to funds arriving in your bank account, allowing you to reliably forecast your available funds. 


As a My Business Dashboard customer you will now receive your Worldpay invoices electronically via your Dashboard. You can view and download your invoices from the invoice page. You can also choose to receive paper invoices if you'd rather. 

My Business Dashboard help centre

Your online guide to help you better understand My Business Dashboard.

Covering all topics from Reconciliation to invoicing, the Worldpay product help centre can help you maximise the benefit of your Worldpay products to your business.

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