Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is a service that allows international customers the option to pay for goods in their own currency when using a Visa or Mastercard at the point of sale, rather than the local currency.

In a non DCC transaction, the cardholder’s card issuer performs the conversion at their rate of exchange at some point after the transaction has taken place, leading to variant exchange rates and no knowledge of the final transaction value until this is taken out of a customer’s account.

Worldpay partner with a number of DCC providers to fit customers’ requirements including Global Blue and Planet.

Benefits of Dynamic Currency Conversion

Earn commission on DCC transactions.

No addition fee to have DCC over your normal rental fee.

Simplicity – The payment device automatically recognises customers eligible for DCC and prompts to ask if they would like to pay in their own currency.

No fluctuation in currency -  locks in the current exchange rate at point of sale, exact amount shown is what the customer will be charged (no added fees).

Wide range of currencies.

Best exchange rate – your customer will receive the best exchange rate with no hidden fees.

Get started with Dynamic Currency Conversion

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Existing customers

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