Get ready for Valentine's Day

Discover new ways to let your customers pay this Valentine's Day.

Get ready for valentines day

Discover new ways to let your customers pay this Valentine’s Day

Virtual terminal

Take orders and payments over the phone through Worldpay’s secure Virtual Terminal.

Email payments

Send your customers invoices and bills via Email. They simply click to pay.


Activate contactless on your terminal. This free upgrade can help speed up queues.

Send your customers email invoices with a pay now button

Let your customers pay online by sending them a pay now button via email. Simply send your invoice via the Worldpay portal to include a payment link.

  • Pay on mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Customise your invoices to fit your business
  • Track your payments through the portal to see when payments have been made

Three simple steps

1. Create

Generate an email invoice with an embedded pay now button.

2. Send

Send invoice to your customer.

3. Pay

Your customer simply clicks to pay.

Do you take a lot or orders over the phone?

Start taking immediate payment for orders on the phone.

Simply login to Worldpay’s secure payments portal, enter the customer’s details and you’re done.

  • Perfect for pre-paying orders
  • Take a deposit for large orders
  • Help speed up service in-store and free up your terminal

Considered contactless

Activate this free terminal feature to let your customers pay in seconds via card or even mobile with ApplePay or AndriodPay.

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