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A world of endless opportunities is just a connection away

Worldpay’s unique position in the UK marketplace shows why our differentiated product offerings make us the ideal partner of choice.  From integrations to referrals, partnering with Worldpay creates opportunities for revenue growth.  

We’re committed to remaining at the leading edge of our market, so that you and your customers remain at the leading edge of yours. 

Why partner with Worldpay

At Worldpay, we might be Europe’s largest payment processor1, but we’re only as strong as the dedicated community of partners surrounding us.  

Partnerships should be mutually beneficial and we’re determined to help you and your customers grow their businesses and prosper.

Our UK partners

Our trusted partners include

Worldpay partners

How the UK partner programme works

Register with Worldpay today and you will be rewarded for each successful referral.  But that’s only the start.

Have a look through our interactive guide to partnering with Worldpay - we’re sure you’ll see the benefit

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UK partner integration

Download and follow our integrations guide


Set up an account and send a unique URL to each of your customers


Our speedy boarding process means they will be up and trading quickly


Benefits to become a partner


Join hundreds of partners who’ve all successfully grown their business as part of the Worldpay family.


Register today with Worldpay Partner Programme and you’ll be rewarded for each successful referral.

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