My Business Dashboard: making it easier to run your business

At Worldpay, we have been making some enhancements to My Business Dashboard to make things simpler for you, so you can spend your time on what you do best - running your business.

Our most recent enhancement helps customers change their account details online via My Business Dashboard, so you can log on and update your account  information at a time most convenient for you.

My Business Dashboard also offers a host of online tools which can help you manage your business better. You just need to log on to be able to view and manage your business information — from card sales, to settlements and invoices.  You’ll have access to information that will help you to reconcile your card transactions and insights which can help forecast your business projections.

Here’s a reminder of the list of your account details you can now update on My Business Dashboard:

  • Bank details
  • Business address
  • Business name
  • Telephone number
  • VAT registration number

Once you have submitted a change it should be processed within five working days. We’ll contact you once your details have been updated or if any further information is required.

Since the launch of this enhancement we’ve had over 3,000 online change requests so far this year, with the most common one being customers wanting to change their business address. Some changes took up to 3 weeks to previously action, and we’ve been able to reduce this to up to 5 days.

For more information and instructions on how to self-serve, please click here.

Improved transaction search

We’ve also been working hard to improve the transaction filters feature on My Business Dashboard. This feature enables you to search using different values to help you locate the specific transactions you’re looking for more quickly.

The transaction filters can be found on the My Business Dashboard sales page on both the Insights and Transactions tabs. You can now filter transactions by:

  • Terminal
  • Transaction type
  • Verification method
  • Amount
  • Card Scheme
  • Last four digits of the card number

You can find more information and instructions on transaction filters here. Or log-in to My Business Dashboard today to make use of all these great new features.