Service update: New MasterCard card numbers

From 14 October 2016, MasterCard will be introducing a new series of card numbers, where the long number on the front of your customer’s card will begin with a “2”.  This is part of the six digit prefix which is commonly referred to as the BIN or Bank Identification Number and will be in addition to the range already being issued.

We are pleased to confirm that Worldpay’s core systems have already been updated to ensure that we can process these when the new cards and other payment mechanisms appear. 

So what is changing?

Going forwards the MasterCard card number will be spread across two BIN ranges;

MasterCard BINs –first six digits of the card numberFromTo
Cards originally issued 510000559999
New “2” series which is also being added222100272099



What do you need to do?

  1. If you rent your solution from Worldpay  
    If you rent one of our standalone terminals (sometimes called a card machine) we will ensure that the necessary updates are applied. This is something we will do remotely and without impacting your business. 
  2. If you own your Point of Sale solution 
    With these you might need to ask your either your support team or solution provider to apply the change for you. Please remember that the additional range needs to be added to your system by 14 October 2016 to ensure that neither your customers nor your business are inconvenienced.
  3. If you use Worldpay’s Hosted Payment Page
    Worldpay have already introduced the changes needed to ensure that neither your customers nor your business are affected.
  4. If you use other solutions which recognise the type of card being used
    If you host your own payment pages, or use BINs for other purposes like recognising the kind of payment being keyed, reward or loyalty then you will contact your support team or provider to ensure that the new MasterCard range can be recognised after 14 October 2016. 
  5. Generally
    Given the nature of the change we are recommending that you also make your staff know that customers will be presenting MasterCard cards where the long number commences with either a “2” or a “5” so that they do not become suspicious.

    Ultimately our aim is to make you aware of the change MasterCard are introducing to minimise the impact this has on your business and most importantly your customers.

More information

We will issue a further communication once we have more information on how MasterCard plans to introduce the new ‘2-series’ BIN ranges, including a set of Frequently Asked Questions.

If you need any more information or support in the meantime, please contact your Relationship Manager or Corporate Support Manager.