Worldpay and You

August 2018

The new Worldpay

Earlier this year Vantiv and Worldpay joined forces to become a global leader of integrated omni-payments.  Now we are excited to announce the next step in our combined history as we transition to one company logo.

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Revolutionising payments for our customers

At Worldpay it’s our business to ensure we’re always one step ahead when it comes to payments. This means keeping a close eye on the business landscape to find new ways to solve complexity for our customers.

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Restaurants risk millennial mealtime-meltdown

Worldpay’s research underscores the value of slick service in the competitive hospitality sector, from the moment the diner walks in to when they settle the bill.

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How to maximise your takings during the summer holidays

Summer is arguably one of the best times of the year for retailers. A combination of sporting events, warmer weather, bank holidays and happier customers are all reasons to feel optimistic about increasing your sales.

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Planning for success: how to write an effective business plan

Writing a business plan can sound a little daunting at first. But the truth is that a business without a plan is a business without purpose. Once you’ve taken the time out to articulate exactly what your vision is for the company, it will be much easier to attract investment and measure your progress going forward.

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Working hand-in-hand with you on GDPR compliance

As a medium-sized business it’s important to ensure you always operate within the law. But that can be quite a challenge, especially as most business owners are not legal experts.

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