Mastercard contactless transactions

You may recall that on 1 March 2018, Mastercard reduced their contactless floor limit of 20 GBP in the United Kingdom to zero. After this change, merchants were required to obtain authorisation for all contactless transactions online, with the exception of the following merchant types: parking, tolls, transit, vending, charities and events.

Mastercard recently completed an initial review of Worldpay’s merchants and their findings show that there are still a number of merchants who are not complying with their contactless floor limit policy.

This change was introduced to help protect cardholders against the risk of fraud for contactless transactions. As not all merchants are following the policy there is a high risk of merchants becoming a victim of fraud- there were 7.4 billion debit and credit card contactless transactions in 2018, compared to the 5.6 billion seen in 20171.


What does this mean?

This means that some Worldpay merchants are still accepting Mastercard contactless transactions without obtaining an authorisation. Should they continue to not accept the correct level of authorisation for contactless transaction, this could lead to transactions not being processed and funds not settled.

Worldpay terminals have been configured to send contactless transactions online for authorisation for Mastercard. We are continuing to work on configuring all our terminals to send contactless transactions for authorisation.

If your card terminal is not supplied by Worldpay, you will need to contact your provider to ensure your terminal is updated. If you would like a Worldpay terminal please contact us on 03457 616263.

If you have any questions regarding Mastercard contactless transactions please contact us on 03457 616263.


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