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Worldpay Offers Fast, Simple and Secure Payments to App4’s Online Customers

App4 is an innovative ordering, loyalty and marketing provider with a mission to get more UK SMEs closer to their customers with both an online and mobile presence.

4 Oct 2017

The firm designs bespoke mobile apps and websites for companies in the hospitality sector, allowing customers to transact with them directly rather than go through third-party marketplace platforms, which typically charge up to 25% of order value. A built-in loyalty system allows regular customers to earn and redeem points, and the package also includes marketing tools to help further drive sales and profits. App4 does all this with zero commission to pay, putting the client fully in control.

“App4 hasn’t looked back since becoming a Worldpay partner. The UK’s largest payments provider is now integrated into 90% of the apps built for its customers.”

Switching to a payment provider for reliability and speed

Given the nature of App4’s business model, payments are key to the firm’s success. It has to be quick and easy to integrate into the client’s app or website, while offering administrators a hasslefree way to manage transactions, and facilitate fast and secure payments. Worldpay Online Payments offers SMEs a robust, highly secure payments platform for online transactions. For App4, Worldpay’s simplicity and ease of integration fit the bill which is why App4 switched to Worldpay, according to founder Ian Chambers.

“Our service gives businesses the ability to generate loyalty amongst their customers by incentivising them. We needed a trusted payment partner to provide the customer with assurances they’re payments are secure, but also a service that is quick and easy,” Ian explains.

Seamless boarding of customers

Ian first heard about Worldpay Online Payments after one of his developers suggested the platform could onboard customers in a far quicker and more transparent manner than current providers. In fact, it takes on average just 2-3 days for new businesses and a mere 2-3 hours for those who have existing Worldpay machines. After a trial integration in 2016, Ian was so impressed he signed App4 up to become a full partner soon after.

Worldpay Online Payments offers businesses a robust, highly secure payments platform for online transactions. A simple API ensures integration is child’s play, while Worldpay’s global reach means customers can accept payments around the world in over 120 currencies. It’s fully PCI compliant and there’s risk management built in to help reduce fraud. Funds are settled quickly to ensure regular cashflow and there are live dashboards, reporting, and order management capabilities to save companies time and improve visibility.

Quick and easy

App4 hasn’t looked back since becoming a Worldpay partner. The UK’s largest payments provider is now integrated into 90% of the apps built for its customers.

Specifically, the firms clients have seen an 80% reduction in 3D Secure authentication failures, meaning fewer end-customers are suffering failed payments due to authentication problems with this additional security layer.

It’s also offered Ian and his team:
Speed: Most customers are live within 48 hours and, once up-and-running, funds are settled within a couple of days.
Simplicity: Clients can view transaction histories and manage payments in just a few clicks.
Security: Thanks to PCI compliance and fraud prevention capabilities.
Clear pricing: Via simple monthly pricing or Pay As You Go options.

Written by:  

Daniel Lee