Accepting Payments

One minute read: 3 simple steps to introduce contactless payments

Does your business regularly take payments under £30 in value? Are you struggling to keep queues manageable during busy times?  If the answers to those questions are yes and you’re not offering contactless payments yet, this technology could be what your business needs.

21 Jun 2018

Introducing contactless payments is quick and easy and will help ensure you continue to provide great customer experience.  The even better news is that once you have enabled you will also be able to accept ApplePay and Android pay transactions for even higher amounts. Here’s how to do it in just three simple steps:

Check if your terminal can already take contactless

If it can, then all you need to do to get started is contact your payments provider and get enabled. If your card machine isn’t capable of taking contactless payments, you’ll need to switch it for a newer model.

Check your terminal supports the latest contactless standard

Your payments provider can ensure this is the case to make sure that your business is compliant.

Train your employees

Your employees will play a vital role in telling your customers they can also pay with contactless so they need to be up to speed.  Ensure your team understands the maximum value that can be used for contactless card based payments and the security features. Also, ensure your employees know that ApplePay & Android pay can be tapped for any value.

To find out more about contactless payments, click here.