Offer your customers more ways to pay with "Pay by Link"

Customers like to have a choice about payment methods, so it’s a good option to offer a variety of ways for your customers to pay. And many customers are choosing to pay by card even in more traditional cash and cheque industries such as law and accounting firms and with tutors, driving instructors, and tradesmen. 
This interest in card payments has meant email payments have become increasingly popular. They’re quick and convenient and work well in industries where prices are tailored to each customer and sent over long distances. So how can you benefit from this? With demand increasing for email payments, at Worldpay we offer Pay by Link as a standalone product or as part of Worldpay Online Payments. This is our simple tool used to create unique and customisable payment links which can be emailed to your customers. Each transaction can be tailored to suit your individual customers and because it is sent using your email system, you can send it next door or across the world. 
How it works 
Pay by Link is easy and quick to do so you can save time when invoicing your email payment requests. Simply log in to business manager, your online tool to help keep on top of your finances, to create your payment link. You can then embed it into emails to your customers – and because you’re using your own email software you can make sure it all follows your branding. Once your customers receive the link they can pay conveniently from their computer or their smart phone with our free to use mobile payment pages. All email links direct your customers through our payment pages, so you can be safe in knowing that all payments will be processed through our industry leading security standards. 
More information 
If you’re interested in finding out how Pay by Link could benefit your business, have a look at Pay by Link