Accept payments and pay others in currencies from around the world, without the hassle of dealing with multiple banks and incurring unnecessary charges.

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Manage your currencies and cross-border transfers easily

Worldpay provides a broad range of acceptance and settlement currencies for cost-effective cross-border payments. We help manage your funding needs in multiple currencies with your customers and suppliers in different countries. With our range of card payments services, award-winning suite of alternative payments and network of bank accounts, you can avoid unnecessary currency conversion.

Accept payments from your customers in more than 128 currencies

Worldpay helps you price in the currencies your global customers want to use. We guarantee exchange rates up to three days in advance, helping you avoid currency fluctuations. You can choose to settle in up to 14 currencies for Visa and MasterCard transactions, and in up to 18 currencies using the Worldpay Gateway.

Reduce the time and cost of cross-currency payments

Using Worldpay’s global bank account network, you could see up to 90 per cent of cross-border payments arrive the next day or sooner, and we can help cut costs by up to 85 per cent versus traditional international payment channels. Our Bankout product uses formatted file upload or direct integration so you can set up payment instructions in the way that works best for you.

Attract customers globally by enabling them to pay in their currency of choice

Fix currency value by using our guaranteed exchange rates

Eliminate unnecessary costs and administration by using our global bank account network, accessible via a single portal

Avoid excessive cross-border fees when paying suppliers or customers by using our network

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