Consumer Insights

Use payment data to understand your customers better, inside and outside your stores

Consumer Insights leverages card payment data to provide detailed insight into consumer spending patterns at segment level.

Factual and reliable, it can help you gain a full view of your customers and make smarter business decisions.


Consumer Insights

Optimise your marketing down to store level with Consumer Insights.

Unlock the power of payment data

A more complete view of your consumers, inside and outside your stores

Consumer Insights helps enrich your consumer understanding by benchmarking their spending against anonymised peer groups in your industry, down to local level.

With each transaction is valuable data. Factual, unbiased and granular

Spending data is a reliable predictor of future purchasing behaviour. Consumer Insights can help you understand your consumers better at segment level based on their spending, across stores, sector categories, and geographies, both in store and online.

Identify and engage valuable consumer segments

Stay ahead of the market by targeting high potential consumer segments that are currently underpenetrated. By understanding spending patterns, Consumer Insights helps you find attractive consumer segments in your category.

Drive business growth with Consumer Insights

Built on demand and highly customisable, our Consumer Insights reports are delivered by our experienced consultants to help you take the best strategic decisions. 

Drive your consumer acquisition strategy with effective targeting

Consumer Insights uses detailed spend data to help you reach the most valuable customer groups for your business at individual store level.

Personalise the proposition for maximum appeal

Use Consumer Insights to adjust your marketing strategy and appeal to your opportunity consumer group based on their spending preferences.

Measure the real impact of your campaigns

Understand your campaigns’ true ROI and success drivers to optimise your marketing strategy.

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