Christmas Day hijacked by online shopping

Online spending thrives around the Christmas dinner table

23 Dec 2015

In a fascinating insight into our habits on a holiday dedicated to family togetherness, Worldpay has uncovered that Christmas Day in fact sees significant peaks in online spending. <

It might not reach the peaks of Black Friday, new figures from Worldpay has found that UK consumers squeezed in £18.6 million worth of online spending in on Christmas Day last year – exactly half of an average shopping day. 

The Christmas Day online spending heartbeat started to increase rapidly from as early as 8am, and continued to grow hour-on-hour until 1pm, when Worldpay processed over £1 million worth of online transactions in the UK in just 60 minutes.

Sales volumes dipped steadily during lunch, reaching a low during the Queen’s Christmas Broadcast at 3pm. However, consumers still managed to spend close to £3 million during the long, traditional Christmas lunch that stretches until at least 3pm.

Surprisingly, the peak for online spending on Christmas Day is 8pm, when UK shoppers blew a further £1.3m. They also parted with £973,000 in the last hour of the day, as consumers looked to get a head-start on the Boxing Day bargain rush.

Among the best retail performers were department stores which saw strong trading throughout the day, with Worldpay processing £6 million worth of transactions online. Clothing, footwear and electronics were also popular.

Dave Hobday, UK Managing Director at Worldpay, said: “Traditionally sales have been negligible on Christmas Day with the vast majority of bricks and mortar stores closed.

“However, our findings indicate the increasing need for retailers to adopt an ‘always on’ attitude. Online and m-commerce means consumers expect a unified shopping experience - regardless of the touchpoint - even over second helpings of Christmas pudding”.


About the data

*Figures quoted are according to Worldpay UK transactional data from Christmas Day 2014, compared to the average day in September.

About Worldpay

Worldpay is a leader in global payments processing technology for our customers. We operate reliable and secure proprietary technology platforms that enable customers to accept a vast array of payment types, across multiple channels, almost anywhere in the world. The Group has three operating divisions: global eCom, Worldpay US and Worldpay UK.

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23 Dec 2015