Worldpay uncovers the truth behind the UK’s ‘Breakfast Rush’ with surprising results

7 Sep 2015

As millions of Brits start their first full week back at work after the summer break, data from Worldpay reveals the secret to securing a hassle-free caffeine fix with its city-by-city guide to avoiding the daily ‘Breakfast Rush.’

According to Worldpay’s analysis of transaction data in cities across the UK, commuters on the hunt for a quick caffeine hit would do well to avoid 08:25am, when card transactions in coffee shops and cafes hit their peak each morning.

Southampton gets the prize for the country’s early bird city, with its ‘Breakfast Rush’ spiking at just 7.25am – before many commuters in the South have even got onto their morning train.

Londoners favour a later latte – breakfast spending hits its peak at exactly 8.47am as office workers finally get off their trains and tubes to make their 9 0’clock start.

Southerners were the thriftiest when it comes to breakfast. Consumers in Southampton spent the lowest amount in the UK at just £3.66 whilst Londoners came in just above this at £4.09 on average per person.

Newcastle topped the list of big spenders, forking out more than two pounds extra on their morning feast. Luxury croissants and fry ups helped fuel the extra spend, bringing the average breakfast cost to £6.48 for this northern powerhouse.

Glasgow’s residents were almost as generous, spending £5.92 on average for their morning wake-up treats. Manchester came third with an average spend of £5.32.

Dave Hobday, Managing Director, Worldpay UK, said: “Commuters tend to have a meticulous routine they follow every day and a long queue for coffee can mean the difference between the journey from hell and a stress free morning.
“Savvy business owners understand commuters want speed and convenience at the till, and are using technologies like contactless to make the payments process quick and painless. Queues out of the door aren’t a sign of success - they’re a warning that something’s gone very wrong. Fail to react and commuters will vote with their feet.”

The prize for the UK’s biggest ‘Caffiends’ goes to Bristol, where consumers make at least three trips a day to their favourite coffee shop, starting with an initial rush  at 07:56am. Worldpay data then shows pronounced spikes in spending at 1:15pm, and again at 4:15pm when Bristolians head out for a caffeine kick to get them through the afternoon.


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7 Sep 2015