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Forget the water feature – fire-pits lead £30m garden centre spree

25 Mar 2015

LONDON – Wednesday 25th March 2015 – Green-fingered Brits will spend well in excess of £30 million at garden-centres over the coming fortnight, according to Worldpay, with fire-pits replacing decking as the ‘must-have’ garden feature.

Figures released today by Worldpay, the UK’s leading payments processing company, show that between now and the end of March, Britain’s garden centres could see their weekly takings rise by as much as 39% against the average week as Britain’s gardeners emerge from winter hibernation.

Analysis of Worldpay’s 2014 card transaction data shows spending on gardening supplies also spiked dramatically over the week leading up to Easter when garden centres saw a 58% uplift in sales versus the weekly average for the sector. With weather forecasters predicting a scorching Easter weekend, Worldpay believes Britain’s garden centres could see record-breaking trade well in excess of £65million over the next four weeks, enough to buy a quarter of a million tons of compost.

Landscape gardeners are also expecting a windfall over the coming weeks, with the number of transactions 43% higher than average during the last week of March, as Brits prep their gardens for entertaining over  the Easter break.

James Lanwarne of Lanwarne Landscapes Garden Design and Construction commented:

“This is the busiest we’ve been since before the recession – we’re booked solid until August. People are still happy to take on the small jobs themselves, but we’re seeing a surge in the number of big, ambitious projects as clients look to create an area the whole family can enjoy.
“One of the legacies of the recession is that people are more inclined to entertain at home and they want  to make more use of their gardens as a result. Fire-pits are proving to be an extremely popular feature among our customers who want to make the most of their gardens as an extra space for entertaining they can enjoy all year round.”

Dave Hobday, managing director of Worldpay UK, said:

“Britain’s obsession with planting, prodding, pruning and pottering fuels a billion pound industry in the  UK*, with seasonal businesses set to make a killing over the coming weeks.
“With only a short window to make the bulk of their yearly income, gardening businesses need to plan meticulously to make the most of traditional spikes in trading. Get stock, staffing or cashflow wrong at this crucial time of year and the result can be a real death knell for businesses that rely heavily on repeat custom and word of mouth recommendations.”


*Keynote Market Research

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About the data
Figures quoted are according to Worldpay card transactional data for DIY, landscaping and nursery suppliers businesses across the UK during March-April 2014. In 2014, Worldpay processed 44% of all UK card transactions (based on market data provided by the UK Payments Administration).

About Worldpay
Worldpay is one of the world’s leading independent payment processing companies. The Worldpay Group has three operating divisions: ecommerce, Worldpay US and Worldpay UK.
Worldpay UK, the UK’s leading payment processor, helps businesses of all sizes sell more to their customers – by accepting credit and debit card payments in-store, online, via mail or telephone, and on the move. In 2014 Worldpay handled 44% of all card payments made in Britain.
Across the Worldpay Group, we process over 8.4 billion transactions every year, and our online payment options cater for over 200 payment types in 115 currencies.

25 Mar 2015