Complaints data

Worldpay UK (WPUK) provides countertop, portable, mobile and contactless card machines for UK-based merchants, from large corporates to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs/SMBs) and micro merchants, accounting for approximately 42% of UK card payments.

WPUK is authorised for payment services and regulated by the FCA for the hire of card machines (consumer hire activities) for SMEs.

We are dedicated to helping customers prosper, so we take all feedback from our customers very seriously. We are committed to adhering to the FCA Dispute Resolution (DISP) rules that apply to parts of our business, including eligible complainants such as SMEs.

Around 300,000 UK businesses count on us to deliver a reliable, secure and quality service. We have a dedicated Complaints Team who work to understand customer complaints, fix root causes and rebuild customer relationships.

The FCA DISP Rules, require us to report complaint numbers in relation to consumer hire activities. Externally reporting details of the complaints we receive enables us to provide greater transparency to all our customers. 

In the second half of 2016, we received 333 complaints relating to credit-related regulated activities. To put that into context, that’s 0.28 complaints per 1000 live accounts. 

Firm name: Worldpay (UK) Limited
Group: Worldpay
Other firms included in this report (if any): N/A 
Period covered in this report: 30 June 2016 – 31 December 2016
Brands/trading names covered: Worldpay

Product/service groupingNumber of complaints opened by volume of businessNumber of complaints openedNumber of complaints closedPercentage upheld
Credit Related0.28% per 1000 accounts33333377%