Invoices, billing and settlement information

Q. Why has my billing cycle changed?

A. We’ve made some improvements to your billing cycle so it’s now a full calendar month (1st of the month until the last day of the month). Helping you manage your cash flow and reconciliation.


Q. Why has my settlement timeframe changed?

A. There has been no change to your settlement timescale, but there will be a slight change to the time your funds appear in your bank account. Going forward your credits will generally appear around early afternoon, instead of first thing in the morning. We’d therefore recommend that you have enough funds available to cover any regular payments taken from your account before 2.30pm.


Q. What change has been made to my statement narrative?

A. There may be a change to the way we appear on your bank statements, this information is called your statement narrative. As these will differ depending on who you bank with, we recommend to check your statement to see how it appears. If you have accounting software that uses this information from your bank statement to help you reconcile your account, you may also need to update your system to ensure you continue to recognise our debits and credits.


Q. Why has my Premium Transaction information changed

A. We’ve taken the opportunity to create a new section on the invoice which outlines any premium transactions you’ve taken. If you previously received a breakdown of your premium transactions in a report sent by email, this will no longer be sent to you.


Q. How can I update my account details?

A.  You can update or change your account details through My Business Dashboard (MBD) our simple online tool, just visit for more information


Q. How can I update my email address?

A. To verify your email address and to update your records visit;