What is the Risk Management Module?

The Risk Management Module is a range of automated and configurable checks that Worldpay applies to certain payment methods.

There are five types of check:

  • Referral list: These checks are based on stop lists and whitelists for credit card numbers and bank account numbers
  • Velocity checks: These checks look at the number or the total amount of previous payments for a particular credit card or bank account number
  • Shopper Session: These checks analyse the current payment behaviour of the shopper as recorded in the session
  • Consistency checks: These checks look for logical patterns in shopper and payment data
  • Post-authorisation checks:  These apply to payments already authorised, and require CVC/AVS data to be sent to the acquirer

These checks are in addition to our standard checks, helping reduce the risk of chargebacks.

For enquiries about Risk Management, please talk to your Relationship Manager or Corporate Support.