What does it cost to use PayPal?

Worldpay doesn't charge for processing PayPal transactions, but standard PayPal transaction fees apply. These vary depending on the type of business - please refer to the charges information on PayPal’s website for more information.

We do charge a standard gateway click fee (pence per click) and an additional charge if you use a Worldpay risk product, such as the Worldpay Risk Management Module (RMM) or the Worldpay Risk Guardian (RG).

If you have an Everst agreement, you'll have a pricing arrangement with PayPal but Worldpay manage the account.

Note:  An Everst agreement is the agreement PayPal produce when Worldpay becomes an account manager for a merchant's PayPal account. It contains the PayPal accounts, merchant/PayPal pricing agreement and an undertaking that the merchant agrees for Worldpay to be the account manager.

If there is a refund or chargeback fee this will also be applied for PayPal transactions.