What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure (3DS) is an authentication scheme that requires the cardholder to enter an additional password when they make an online purchase. Applies to Visa and Mastercard in any region, and American Express and JCB in supported regions. It's a very useful extra layer of security, especially for high-value transactions.

If you're enabled for 3DS authentication, you're no longer liable for certain fraudulent chargebacks when a cardholder denies they made the purchase. This is called liability shift, and we explain the technical detail of it our XML API Integration guide.

Dynamic 3D Secure

Our Dynamic 3D Secure service allows you to set rules for when 3DS activates. This is useful for keeping the shopper journey as smooth as possible (for example, not activating 3DS for low-value transactions) whilst minimising your fraud risks (activating 3DS for higher-value transactions). You can learn about these rules in our Dynamic 3D Secure guide.