Stored credentials - Amending or cancelling a consent agreement

Amending an agreement

If you want to change the consent agreement, you must notify the cardholder.

In particular, you must notify cardholders within seven working days (for recurring transactions), and within two working days (for unscheduled MITs) before any of the following events:

  • End of a trial period
  • More than six months elapsed since the last transaction 
  • Any changes to the agreement 

You must not continue submitting transactions beyond the duration of the cardholder's consent.

Cancelling an agreement

You must stop submitting transactions if the cardholder cancels in accordance with your policy, or if you receive a decline response.

For instalments, if the cardholder cancels in accordance with your policy, you must confirm this to the cardholder within three days, and provide a credit receipt for the amount specified in your policy, if relevant.

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