How do I request a Bankout recall?

A recall can be requested if a Bankout payment has been sent to the wrong beneficiary.   After requesting a proof of payment, and confirming the beneficiary bank details are incorrect, please contact the investigations team at along with the:

  • Date Bankout completed
  • Payment Reference
  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Payee name
  • Reason for recall
  • Correct payee name and bank details

 If you have made a payment to the correct beneficiary, but want to recall the funds, we are not able to action this request.  You would need to contact the beneficiary directly, and ask them to send the funds back to Worldpay as a Bankin payment.
Worldpay investigations would confirm the timeframe once the recall request has been set up as it is dependent upon the bank.
Note: There may be a cost involved based on the nature of your request. Please contact Corporate Support for more details.