How To: Add card logos to your website

The Worldpay Hosted Payment Page displays the logos of the cards and payment methods that you accept.

The logos that appear on your payment page are automatically controlled by the details of your installation. This page will therefore only display the methods that you have determined as acceptable.

The presence of known and trusted card logos such as Visa and MasterCard on the hosted Payment Pages enhances shopper confidence at the point of purchase. To further increase the shopper confidence add the card scheme logos into the body of your web site, as detailed below.

Using the Automatic Logo Display Script (Recommended)

To display the hyperlinked card logos that your Worldpay account can accept, type the following code into the relevant pages on your Web site:

<script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>

Replacing the X's with your Worldpay Installation ID.

Note: Your shoppers will need to have JavaScript enabled in their browsers. We recommend that you do not copy and paste the above code, as it may not display correctly - type it in manually.

Manually Adding the Card and Payment Method logos

To add the card logos to your store please download them directly from the official card company website (you may need to re-size the logos before adding them to your store):

Visa logo

Visa Checkout (white on blue)

Visa Checkout (blue on neutral)

Mastercard logo

Maestro logo

Masterpass logo

American Express logo

Diners Club logo

JCB logo

Laser logo

Powered by Worldpay logo


Why are card logos not being displayed on my website?

If you are using the "Automatic Logo Display Script" and these are not displaying payment methods please ensure that in the script you are using the correct URL:

Note you will also need to have a valid installation ID.

The code that you would need to use is:

<script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>

 Replacing the X's with your WorldPay Installation ID.