Cardholder authentication Opt Out

This form should only be completed if you wish to request to opt out of the 3D Secure initiatives: MasterCard SecureCode and / or Verified by Visa for all the Mastercard (excluding Maestro) and Visa payments we process on your behalf, through Worldpay.

Note: it is not possible to opt out of MasterCard SecureCode for Maestro card payments, as it is now a mandatory requirement of Mastercard that all online Maestro card payments are processed using Mastercard SecureCode.

Fields marked * are mandatory

It is Worldpay policy to strongly recommend or in some cases insist its customers are enabled for 3D Secure for all Visa, MasterCard and Maestro payments. We are therefore obliged to make you aware that by opting out of 3D Secure for MasterCard and/or Visa you are requesting on behalf of your Company that 3D Secure is disabled for these payment methods processed through Worldpay. Consequently you will become liable for disputed payments and chargebacks where the cardholder claims fraud.A significant benefit of 3D Secure is that liability shifts to the card issuing bank for certain types of fraud (including transactions where the cardholder has not yet enrolled or where the Card Issuer can’t support it). This benefit will no longer be available if you proceed to opt out.

Worldpay will review your request and confirm our response within 10 working days. Please accept it is important we establish the potential risk to your business before agreeing to disable 3D Secure.